Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Core Bamboo

I've had my eye on Core Bamboo for some time now...their great colors, shapes and designs seem like they'd be perfect for entertaining or everyday use! Just look at those colors up there...they're like adult candy!

And then today I saw that their stuff was being offered at at least half off on Gilt Groupe! I'm one lucky duck!

The small snack bowls would be great for my children when they're eating pretzel, raisin or granola snacks and I would love to empty all of the granola bar boxes into a large bowl for them (and me) to easily locate their (and my) favorite kind...and have my pantry looking colorful and cute all the while!

To take advantage of the savings visit (you can use this link to receive an invitation if you aren't already a member). And if your favorite item is sold out, you can shop at

1 comment:

  1. I've even seen their stuff at TJMAxx! It's really great and lightweight.