Friday, May 6, 2011

Mom's Five-Second Memory Journal

Mother's guilt. We all have it.

And a big source of it in baby's first few years is tracking all of the developments in a baby book. After those first few years, we look back and think, "I really wish I had written down more of the silly things they said."

Today, I urge you all to let go of the guilt. There is no going back and beating yourself up inside will only result in you not being present in your child's today. All we can do as parents is acknowledge the things we can change (and know there are some things we cannot) and then make our best effort to do so. I can't help with every regret, but perhaps I can assist on the baby book front.

The Mom's Five-Second Memory Journal is unique in that it isn't chronological...this means there's no guilt if you don't fill it in for a week (or month...or three). It is "playful, breezy, and sometimes eccentric" and includes prompts to jot down thoughts on your life as a wife, a professional, and/or a mother to your wild and crazy kids!

Because it's small and portable, it can be kept in your bag to be filled out as you wait in the carpool line or doctor's office, but it's substantial enough to become a keepsake. And what a great Mother's Day gift this would make!

Available at for only $8.00 and ships FREE with a $25 purchase.

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