Monday, June 27, 2011

Jordan Grace Owens

I opened a package this morning that took my breath away. Lovingly, carefully, and delicately enclosed were the paper dolls you see here of my family of six: My husband Aaron, daughters Martha and Hazel, son August, myself, and our wire fox terrier, Skone. It is no exaggeration to say my heart skipped a beat.

I have always loved paper dolls. And even more, I love hearing my own mother talk about how much she cherished her paper dolls when she sees my daughters' paper pals...the combination of picturing my mother as a little girl and seeing my own daughters play is very magical. Martha and Hazel change their doll's clothes nearly as often as they change their own; my real life Barbie dolls. (In frequency, not in build. Thankfully.)

The man behind these intricate and beautiful works of art is Jordan Grace Owens. I found this talented artist/illustrator on Etsy where she has a wonderful shop full of various paper goods she's created.

You too can commission Jordan to create custom paper dolls of your family members by contacting him through Etsy where she'll create a private sale for you. Each doll will cost you $25.00...a steal in my opinion for a custom, personal, and timeless work of art! You'll need to send her close-up photos of each family member along with details of their personalities.

For example, I mentioned Martha is a lover of all things pink and frilly; she dressed her in a tutu! It's a rare occasion Hazel and I don't wear cardigans, or that my husband isn't wearing a blue plaid shirt. And anyone who has met my son August will admit this is a carbon copy of him. I don't know how Jordan Grace Owens does it, but I sure am glad she does. And I'm even more thrilled that she shares her talents with the rest of us!

Visit to see her shop and get started on ordering your own family.

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