Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Tours

I'm a mother of three. I'm an adventurer. I'm here to tell you the two can successfully coexist. (Although I do wish I had parachuted prior to having children because that's the one thing I don't feel responsible doing now...although I do plan to sky dive with them when they're older. I'll just have to wait 10+ years to have that amazing experience with my children. I'm confident it'll be worth the wait!)

I keep a mental bucket list I'm checking off one adventure at a time. I'm thrilled to say I crossed off another item this past weekend: zip lining! That's me in the first photo and my brother, Christopher, in the second!

The Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Tours at the Wilderness Hotel in Wisconsin Dells just started offering dusk and moonlight tours this month. We were on the dusk tour which took place at sunset. It was gorgeous to see the forest, canyon and river as daytime made way to evening. We even saw deer on our last zip of the night!

The moonlight zip takes the adventure to a whole new level! Participants literally step off into the dark wearing glow necklaces around their necks and sticks strapped to their sides for safety. Guides carry lanterns from station to station to ensure zippers are properly hooked up to each line. Safety is of top concern at the Wilderness Canyon tour!

Our guides on Sunday night, Bravo and Night Hawk (the radio names they used via walkie talkies from line to line), were very impressive! I felt more than comfortable as they transferred my are attached to a tower cable or line at all times. They were amazingly friendly and asked our thoughts at the end of each line. You could tell they sincerely enjoyed experiencing each zip with new participants. They also taught us how to steer and what positions to use to ensure maximum speed (it's possible to travel up to 25 mph...although there are ways to sit in your harness if you don't want to go that fast as well).

The five zip lines measure 356, 314, 488, 426, and 907 feet totally more than 8 football fields when combined! The Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Tour offers a great opportunity to maximize four or the five senses as you experience the sensation of speed, the amazing views, the scent of the wild flower fields below, and hearing the birds as they travel at your current level of 115 feet above the ground.

Dusk tours start at 7:30 and cost $45 for resort guests and $65 for the public. The moonlight tours start at 9:30 and the cost is $55 for resort guests and $65 for the public. Each tour has a limited number of participants and reservations are required. To make an advanced reservation, call 608.253.9729.

For more information on the Wilderness Canyon Zip Line Tours or the resort itself, visit

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