Monday, October 17, 2011

Common Sense Media

My oldest is seven ("and a half," if you ask him) and we're entering a fantastic stage in which my husband and I get to share some of our favorite nostalgic movies with him. We've watched the Princess Bride and are going to be watching E.T. in the next few weeks. I love the time snugging together on the couch, making a favorite movie of mine even more special!

Common Sense Media is a nonprofit organization that provides trustworthy information, tools, and forums for families so that they can make educated decisions about the media their children consume. Media reviewed and rated on the site include movies, video games, apps, websites, television shows, music, and even books.

Currently, I only utilize the site to check the age-appropriateness of a movie, book, or television show I'm thinking of introducing my children to, but the Advice section is sure to be handy for parents with older children; such topics as cyber bullying and cell phone use are covered extensively. There is also an impressive education section for teachers and parents to get ideas of things to discuss as they introduce new media.

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