Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marshmallow Peacocks

My three-year-old daughter, Hazel, has been obsessed with peacocks (the word, the bird, their feathers, their specific shade of blue, etc.) for the past few months.  She has named stuffed animals Peacock, signed her name in blue (instead of her usual favorite of green) inside of Mother's Day cards, and anytime there's been a lull in conversation lately, she's yelled out, "Peacock," and laughed like I used to when watching Seinfeld.  However, nothing prepared me for Mother's Day morning, when she came downstairs and said, "Today is Mother's Day.  Tomorrow is Peacock Day." 

She's fortunate she has a mother who never misses a chance to celebrate...even if the party is for peafowl.  In addition to our regular homeschool day yesterday, we learned all about peacocks.  (FYI: males are peacocks, females are peahens.)  And then, using marshmallows, they created peacock paintings.  Here's how they did it:
  1. I had the kids freehand a peacock body shape and then paint over them, filling them in.  
  2. We selected a few different shades of turquoise for the feathers and using large marshmallows, they added them to the paper. 
  3. I added different colors found on peacock feathers (purple, navy, emerald green, etc.) to their palettes, and the kids took miniature marshallows and added the eyes of the feathers (swirling a couple together looks great).  
  4. And lastly, they painted lines to connect the plumage to the peacock's body, and then added beaks, legs and eyes.  
Last night when the kids were getting ready for bed they said, "Tomorrow is Bee Day!" (I have a feeling this is the start of something great!)  Stay tuned for bee-themed art project...

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