Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dry Brushing

I first heard the term dry brushing a few years ago, but at that time, I only learned of the exfoliation benefits.  When I started incorporating the process into my morning routine a few months ago (to prep my skin for bare legs and tank tops), I was pleasantly surprised to discover the additional health (and beauty) benefits.

In addition to removing dry skin (think knees, ankles, elbows...), it also evens skin tone, stimulates blood flow, aids in cell renewal and tighter skin (goodbye cellulite), and helps the lymphatic system with toxin release, digestion and kidney function.  All of that for an inexpensive two minute morning routine!

The only tool needed is an inexpensive, natural bristle brush (not synthetic) that is sturdy, but not too rough.  One with a long handle is great for hard to reach areas.

When dry brushing, start at your feet, working your way up, you make long sweeping strokes with enough pressure to feel it, but not hard enough for it to be uncomfortable.  Always sweep towards your heart.  The first time I dry brushed, I was shocked by the initial blood flow to my certainly works!

Since adding this to my morning routine a few months ago, I have certainly noticed smoother and tighter skin, and continue to feel that initial jolt of energy each time I do it.

If you'd tried dry brushing, what has your experience been?  And if you try it for the first time, report would be great to hear your thoughts! 

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