Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cuddoozle Infant Feeding Pillow

The Cuddoozle Infant Feeding Pillow is unlike other nursing pillows as it is created using a three-layer pressure sensitive memory foam that creates comfort for both baby and mommy while breastfeeding.

The middle layer is made of a firm foam to create the necessary support needed to hold baby up while he or she grows. The top and bottom layers are made of a soft memory foam which gives comfort to both baby's side and mommy's side...and makes the pillow flipable.

Included with each pillow is an additional multi-purpose pillow that can be used to elevate baby's head to the necessary breastfeeding height or even provide additional back support for the mother.

The Cuddoozle Infant Nursing Pillow is extra wide and naturally hypoallergenic. There is a permanent breathable inner cover under the decorative one that is anti mite, anti dust, anti microbial, hypoallergenic and armor for your nursing pillow.

Available at for $64.00.

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