Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dinner Games

My family and I have been playing Family Time Fun's Dinner Games during our meals and our children LOVE it! So much so that my son found it necessary to rename them Meal Games so as not to only limit the fun to one meal a day.

There are two sets of the games: Original Dinner Games and Beginner Dinner Games for ages 3-6. We're currently using the beginner set and it's perfect for our children who are 4-1/2 and nearly 2-1/2. Some of their favorite games include naming foods that match specific colors of the rainbow, asking family members questions about themselves, and an odd man out game that is handy for getting your children to drink their milk or finish whatever it is they're not thrilled about on their plate.

If you'd like to see some sample games, follow the link here. Dinner Games are available to purchase at for $15.95 a set.

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