Monday, September 29, 2008


LANACare...where do I even begin? I'm so in love with these 100% merino wool products from Denmark that I'm finding it difficult to organize my thoughts this morning. Do I list all of my favorite pieces such as the pilot cap, booties, nursing pads, blanket, mittens and clothing? Or do I emphasize the benefits of this soft merino wool? I suppose I'll touch on both...

So, as I mentioned, one of my favorite LANACare products is this lace-edged pilot cap. With a little girl on the way, I was drawn to it's soft woolen comfort and antique look...her name will be Hazel after all. And when it arrived, it was just as lovely in person...and the quality is just beautiful! Paired with the mittens, booties, and overall, your little one will be cozy and warm all winter long!

And my other favorite LANACare product is their nursing pads...and here's where I'll go into the benefits of 100% untreated merino wool. These nursing pads are soft and contain natural lanolin making them comfortable even in the early days as they help to maintain a healthy nipple while nursing. They can absorb up to 40% of their weight without feeling wet...and as they absorb the moisture, the lanolin is converted to lanolin soap which has an antibacterial effect.

They're easy to care for as you only need to let them air dry as the lanolin will clean the wool as it dries. As the moisture evaporates numerous times and you feel the pad stiffen, you will then need to wash them (only then, not with each wear). You can do this easily with a mild shampoo or with LANACare lanolin soap...which I recommend.

All of these great products and benefits are available at where the hat starts at $31.00 and the pads begin at $16.50 for a pair...and most women will only need two pair!

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