Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me For President

My husband and I are passionate about politics and our four-year-old son is right on board. I believe he knows more details about the military, offices, parties, and American history than most adults we meet on the street...unfortunately. When we first told him he couldn't vote, he actually cried. I wish more Americans took this privilege as seriously as my little guy.

But let's get real, one of the main reasons children voting isn't legal is because they'd vote to elect Elmo, Batman, Dora...or themselves! Which is why this tee and bib are perfect for the pint-sized set this heated election season.

Both would be suitable for cooling off political discussions at family gatherings. After all, I'm sure family members find your child to be cuter and more irresistible than both candidates, no matter how strong their political affiliations.

The shirt is $39.00 and the bib is $15.00 at

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