Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Boon is the company behind some of the brightest and most innovative problem-solving products on the market for kids. I'm sure you've seen them in boutiques across the country as well as in some chain stores. But as their line continues to grow, I'd like to share some new products with you.

Boon has many great feeding products (and all are BPA-free)...with their Snack Ball shown here being my favorite! Anything that lets my children eat cereal pieces in the car to help with hunger and boredom is my friend!

Boon also offers some wonderful bath items such as the toys and Frog Pod above...but the Flo is my favorite. Flo, a faucet cover/bubble bath dispenser/water deflector is like having at least one extra hand when bathing your children...and who never wished for that when rinsing out your slippery child's hair?!

But my favorite new Boon products are their adorable clothing! Their Coverall & Hat Set comes in a reusable plastic container that is perfect for storing wipes and other diaper bag necessities! And the clothing itself has a unique opening in the front to make diaper changes easy without snaps or buttons. Oh, and the clothing is soft and cute!

Visit amazon.com to find a huge selection of their products at the cheapest prices I've found.

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