Saturday, November 15, 2008

Honeywear Baby Bee Slings

Great Gift for Baby!

My friend Kimberly and I were talking about our passion for baby wearing a couple of weeks ago when we were out for my last hoorah dinner before the birth of my third child. We were talking about our favorite styles of carriers and how everyone has different preference to suit their lifestyle. And because of this, as my regular readers know, I'm always on the search for baby carriers that are safe, beautiful and practical...and I've found another one to share.

Honeywear is the maker of the Baby Bee Sling. Made of organic and all natural fabrics (many of them are gorgeous silk) and lined in 100% un-dyed organic sateen cotton, this sling is a luxury for your child and you while being eco-friendly in materials and business concept.

Here is an except from their company's mission:
"Honeywear is committed to setting a new standard of social and ecological responsibility in the business world. We believe in supporting local community, which is why we use a co-op of local seamstresses to create our products. We ‘Think Globally, Act Locally' by participating in Appalachian Offsets, a carbon offset program created to help combat increasing climate changes by contributing in Western North Carolina to renewable energies and efficiency projects."
The Baby Bee Sling is thoughtfully designed to fit any person as it features an adjustable shoulder strap (even while on). The slings also feature pull cords on both sides to ensure a perfect fit for child as well...and to make discrete nursing possible.

If you enjoy wearing your baby in part to keep stranger's hands off your newborn, I have bad news...this sling draws a lot of attention and touching. As you can see from the multiple photos on this post, the fabrics are quite stunning...but I can tell you that they are even more so in person...and are buttery soft. So they feel good outside. But you'll also feel good inside while wearing your Baby Bee Sling as Honeywear employs local seamstresses in Asheville, North Carolina who work for fair wages.

Honeywear's Baby Bee Slings are available at for $120.00.

If you're impressed with all you've read here, you'll be glad to know that Honeywear is interested in starting an organic cotton clothing line as well. And if you'd like to see that into fruition, there's something you can do to help. Visit the link at the bottom of the post where you will find Honeywear listed as a finalist in the Boost Your Business contest. They'd appreciate the grand prize to realize their dreams of the before-mentioned clothing line...and I know we'd all appreciate the opportunity to purchase it!

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