Friday, November 28, 2008

Lotuspad Yoga Mats

Great Gift for Boys and Girls!

At least once a day my children take out my and their yoga mats. They stretch on them, drive cars around on them, and build forts with them. What started off as a solitary way for me to relax from spending my days chasing around after my kids has turned into something I now share with them. Now I turn to my nightly glass of red wine for relaxation....just kidding....kind of.

If your children are interested in yoga or have anxiety issues like so many children overstimulated in today's world, you'll be happy to become familiar with Lotuspad...a wonderful maker of kid-sized yoga mats for your budding yogi!

All Lutuspads are phthalate and PVC-free. They're lightweight, soft and grippy so your child won't lose their pose or their car won't slip off sideways, depending on how it's being used at any given time.

Available at where they are currently on sale for $24.00.

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