Saturday, November 22, 2008

Moon in My Room

Great Gift for Boys and Girls!

Uncle Milton's Moon in My Room is one small step for technology, and one giant leap for fun lighting.

The Moon is an accurate curved relief of the real thing, and is designed to be mounted on a bedroom wall. A mini remote controls the phases of the moon...or the moon can left on automatic and it will go through twelve stages from Waning Crescent through Waxing Gibbous (don't you just love the sound of that) to New Moon. The Moon will automatically turn itself on in a darkened room, and turn itself off after 30 minutes (though you can override this feature if you wish).

Moon in My Room is powered by four AA batteries and 2 AAA's in the remote (I'm a big fan of rechargeables) and comes with a CD giving you an audio tour of the Moon round all its craters and seas. There's nothing like bringing the magic of the Moon into your child's room!

Available at for $24.99.

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