Monday, February 9, 2009

3 Sprouts

My children aren't the biggest bath fans in the world. Our bath routine goes something like this: First, our children complain when you tell them it's bath time. Then, they decide they're OK for a few minutes playing with their boats, squirters, swimming animals and pouring cups. Next comes the crazy screaming when they get their hair washed (even though my husband and I rinse as if we're playing a vital game of Operation). And it all ends with some whining that they're cold as you apply lotion and get them dressed.

Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

The only time they aren't complaining during the bath routine is when they're getting toweled off. And I believe at least part of the reason is they all have special towels...and one of them is from 3 Sprouts.

3 Sprouts hooded towels feature double-layered organic construction of spa-grade, organic terry toweling on the inside and organic French cotton knit on the outside. And then the most adorable animal accents I've seen of a chicken, monkey or elephant. These towels are generously sized and are great for baths as well as dips at the pool.

The monkey and chicken shown here are available at for $30.00 and the elephant can be purchased at for $34.00.

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