Friday, February 13, 2009

Enjoy Life Foods

In today's world, I count myself quite fortunate to have three children free of any food allergies or sensitivities. I have a dear friend who has three boys that are majorly allergic to nuts and dairy and I admire her for the efforts she must take to safely feed her family. So this post is for her!

Enjoy Life Foods are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, nut-free and casein-free. I'll admit that the extensive list of things omitted from these foods makes you wonder about the taste...but I'm here to tell you that the snack food this peanut butter lover sampled was yummy!

My favorite are the Sunbutter Crunch snack bars followed closely by the chocolate bars. The trail mixes are also really good as a snack for moms throughout the day as they're packed with all sorts of delicious seeds and dried fruit. They'll give you enough energy to get through the day, which I need today while I do laundry, pack for our family's weekend get-away to Madison tomorrow morning, finish Valentine's Day art projects, and give three baths with the new bath baby doll my daughter received yesterday. Perhaps Enjoy Life trail mix is the only food I'll have time to consume today! At least I know it'll taste good!

Enjoy Life Foods are available to purchase online at Visit to learn more.

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  1. Hi, Shannon. What a nice surprise. Thanks for the great products....I'll let you know.