Friday, March 20, 2009


When I was pregnant the first time, I was told I had a pretty good chance at needing a C-section due to my heart condition. I worried and worried and worried about the recovery for quite some time. I interrogated my friends who had gone through the experience and did all I could to prepare myself. I must admit I was relieved when I learned I was going to be given the chance to delivery naturally, and that now with three healthy children under my wing, I'm C-section free.

But a week ago, I received a phone call from a friend who is now pregnant with her first and will be requiring a C-section due to a condition she lives with. I passed along all of the wonderful advise I had received 5 years ago. I hope the information helped to ease her mind...and in addition, this post is for her...and the other mothers who are going to have a C-section or have had on in the past year.

The C-Panty is underwear that has been designed by a two-time C-section mom and MD team to address post-Cesarean recovery, including scarring, swelling, sensitivity and discomfort.

The underwear feature an interior silicone panel localized to the incision point. Silicone increases the moisture content of the area and addresses scar formation issues like appearance, size and symptoms. There is also a compression panel to address swelling and provide support along with a fluted waist to avoid discomfort found when wearing other elastic panty waistbands.

The C-Panty is machine-washable and can be worn as soon as the wound is closed...although the benefits extend well past delivery. Clinical studies site silicone therapy benefits extend up to a year!

Available at where prices start at $23.50.

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