Thursday, March 19, 2009


There are many, many times in a year I wish I had a meal to magically grab from my pantry and go: when flying on an airplane, when packing a lunch for my son to take on a play date, when we have impromptu picnics because we don't want to leave the park quite yet, and when we drive down to Chicago or over to Madison, Minneapolis, or Traverse City via a boat trip across Lake Michigan and don't want to take the time to stop and eat...especially if that involves waking one of the children.

GoPicnic has made that vision into a reality...and a healthy reality fit for anyone. Whether you're interested in a breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack and whether you're a vegetarian or vegan, eat a kosher diet, or have a dietary restriction, there is a GoPicnic for you!

All of the ready-to-eat meals are exceptionally convenient and require no refrigeration or special preparation. If there is apple sauce in your GoPicnic, there will also be a spoon...along with a napkin and a wet wipe for your hands. All you need to complete your tasty and nutritious meal is a drink of your choice and you're good to go.

Visit to see the entire list of shelf-stable meals. Prices start at $3.29.

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