Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mini Rotation

Last week I happened upon a photo of a tee that made my heart skip a beat. It featured a Paint By Numbers of a horse on it. The colors were right on, the sleeves were striped (I love stripes), and the design was flawless...there was quite a lot of the horse's head left blank only leaving the blue lines and numbers outlining the artist's next move.

Paint By Numbers and I have a history so locating more information on this shirt was mandatory. I began my quest and by the end of the day had discovered that the shirt was made by Mini Rotation...right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! In fact, their marketing photos were taken two blocks from the first house my husband and I purchased 8 years ago when we got married...and at our wedding reception location on Lake Michigan. Wow, what a shirt!

Since then, I have had the great opportunity to see and feel their shirts in my hands and try them on my children...and am even more in love than I set out to be. And my children are's not often that clothing makes them this excited. My daughter didn't want to take her horse shirt off and my son asked to wear his hot dog shirt to story time the next day...and he's a vegetarian!

If you want to dress your child (and yourself, they have adult shirts too) in uniquely innocent tees with an edge this Spring and Summer, look no further than Milwaukee, Wisconsin's own Mini Rotation! See and order all of their great designs at

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