Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh Plah!

Oh plah! is French for Here you go!...something I've said at least 5,000 times to my children as I have offered up teething rings, my cellphone, and even my keys...anything handy that may provide distraction to my teething or restless children. That was all up until earlier this I have Oh Plah!

As you all know, I'm a lover of color and my clothing and accessories are no exception. I enjoy the bright color and coordinating symbolic images the Oh Plah! cuffs showcase: Green is Energy and features a windmill, Orange is Simplicity and showcases a coneflower, and Blue is Harmony and features a flock of birds in flight.

Oh Plah! is constructed of medical-grade thermoplastic and is non-toxic, bacteria resistant and free of lead, latex, PVC, BPA and phthalates. It is comfortable to wear yet is durable and strong. I've been wearing mine as a nursing reminder of which side to feed my daughter...but also when I'm out of the house without baby Hazel in tow simply because I love the bold style and color (I have the green) so much.

But if there ever comes a day (and I do not see this happening) when I no longer need my Oh Plah! cuff or find it's no longer my style, I rest assured that Roundhouse, the maker of the Oh Plah!, will pay to have it shipped back to them with their Full Circle Recycling Program...and it'll be made into a new product. But again, I predict that is one advantage I will not be taking advantage of. Ever.

Oh Plah! is available in pink, orange, blue, black, white and green at where prices start at $19.99.

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