Monday, March 23, 2009

minui HandySitt

When my two oldest children were babies, they sat and ate out of a gorgeous antique high chair that my husband used, his mother used, and her mother's over 100 years old. It's in amazing condition (we had it refinished and made a bit safer) and is lovely to look at. The only thing I never liked about it was cleaning the tray. So as soon as our children could move into a stand-along wooden booster (that was mine when I was young), I moved them into it and they ate off of a plate at the table. I've been trying to think of ways to forgo the highchair all together for baby Hazel and finally found my way out!

From minui comes the HandySitt! It is a wooden high chair/booster chair that is stylish as much as it is practical and convenient! It easily adjusts to fit most chairs (from 12 inches to 17 ¾ inches high...I tested it on various chairs in my home and was happy it fit almost all of them) and is portable and easy to take along on visits to grandparents, friends and to restaurants...I'm not a fan of restaurant baby chairs and all of their germs!

Another great use for the HandySitt is as a stand-alone baby seat with the attachment of the StandAlone legs and Baby Cushion. At 4 months, Hazel is sitting on her own momentarily...I sat her in the chair with the cushion attached and she perked right up! In a month or two she'll be able to spend some time in there...and then get moved to the table to begin solids.

The HandySitt is a great eco-friendly alternative to a Bumbo or BebePod...something that has many uses and will fit your child for many years (until age four or five). And it's sure to fit your home's decor as there are seven color options: natural or black painted birch, with red, brushed steel or black metal arms, or the Antique.

The HandySitt ($149.00) and all of it's many accessories are available at

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