Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Year of the Necklace

I saw these great Year of the Necklaces at Anthropologie and immediately knew I had to share them as a Mother's Day gift suggestion...my first one for this year.

My son was born under the year of the monkey, my first daughter was born under the year of the dog, and my baby was born last year, the year of rat. I, myself, and a rabbit and my husband is a tiger. I have five different zodiacs to choose from making ordering a necklace a bit tough for me because they're all so unique, colorful, and personal...and pretty!

I think these would be a great gift to give your mother in her zodiac or your own...or to purchase for yourself (or hint for it as a gift) in your child's zodiac...especially if they happen to perfectly resemble their animal's traits. To get an idea of your meaningful years and their corresponding Chinese zodiacs, click here for a chart.

The Year of the Necklace if available at anthropologie.com for $48.00.

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