Friday, March 6, 2009

The Mommy Hook

Like everyone, I appreciate good products. Like everyone, I don't like wasting money. Yesterday I saw The Mommy Hook on The Celebrity Baby Blog and couldn't help but mention it here too...but for a much different reason.

The Mommy Hook is a carabiner clip exactly like the one shown here. It's a lifesaver for extra bags when shopping or to clip your diaper bag on your stroller if you don't have valet clips or ones built in to your bag. It's also padded to make it comfortable to hold the weight of multiple packages in your hand.

But here's the difference: The Mommy Hook has The Mommy Hook printed on the rubber guide and costs $8.00. The Workforce Hangalls Jumbo Carabiner you can purchase at The Home Depot is plain and costs $2.99. I don't know about you, but during this challenging economic time, I can think of other things I need to spend $5.01 on than 12 tiny white letters printed on some rubber. It's a great product...just overpriced, in my opinion.

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