Sunday, March 8, 2009


Meet Mooey the Cow from Joobles, a subset of Fair Indigo (based in my home state of Wisconsin - yeah!).

Fair Indigo is a fair trade company...they ensure people who make their products are paid a fair working wage and are treated with respect. And they go a step further with the co-op in Peru that hand-knit Mooey and her friends...they provide free breakfasts to the kids in the community! I just love watching my Martha snuggle her Joobles, knowing the good that went in to it!

Mooey has many friends, there's Buzzy the Bug, Bella the Bunny, Mel the Monkey, Jiffy the Giraffe, Icy the Penguin, Pip the Dog, and Fair Bear. Each is made using pure and soft organic cotton and fun color schemes! And most have coordinating sweaters, bibs, tees and pants...all organic, of course!

Joobles are available for purchase at The animals retail for $29.00 and their clothing and accessories start at $20.00.

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