Monday, March 9, 2009

Wilton Bunny Hutch

One of my children's favorite Christmas traditions is the making of the gingerbread house. I usually bake (from scratch) and assemble (by hand) using a form my mother purchased for me years ago...I'm glutton for punishment.

This year, for the first time, we're going to make a Bunny Hutch to celebrate Easter and Spring being sprung. And I'm giving myself a pass on the homemade pieces...we're using the Wilton Pre-Baked and Pre-Assembled Bunny Hutch kit.

I've taken ours out of the box and am please to report I think the bare house is adorable. And I can't believe how spoiled I am to have all of the frosting and decorations already in hand (I'm usually roaming aisles searching for the perfect house-decorating candy like Fruit Stripe else are you going to get those great striped pieces for shutters?).

If you'd like to join my family in our new Bunny Hutch tradition, kits can be purchased at for $13.99.

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