Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Precious Little One

My first concert was to see Rick Springfield when I was little...very little. I remember all other girls being told repeatedly that they had to sit in their seats...but I was allowed to not only stand, but stand on my chair, because I was so young. I remember tweens and teens trying to take a zoomed photograph of Rick on stage by holding their cameras up to their binoculars. The other thing I remember was realizing that for the first time, I had a Affair of the Heart, if you will. I knew then and there that I wanted desperately to be Jessie's Girl. And Don't Talk To Strangers...can't think of anything clever for that one, but really liked the song.

If you were anything like me in the 1980s, be prepared to fall in love with Rick Springfield all over again. Last year, he rediscovered songs he had written for his boys when they were young (they're in their 20s now). The lullabies were tucked away in a drawer...songs to soothe and relax his little ones all those years ago. He has recorded them for the album My Precious Little One so we can share our affection for him with our own children. Be prepared for your daughters to sing into their mirrors, hairbrushes in hand.

My Precious Little One is available exclusively at for $12.99 for the entire album or 99¢ per downloaded song.

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