Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wee Web

My family and friends are spread out all around the country...on both coasts and in all directions in between. It's difficult to get photos of our children to them in a timely manner...not nearly as quickly as grandparents would love them, I know...and I'm sorry! But at least I've improved since joining Wee Web.

Wee Web is an online photo/video/story sharing site. It's incredibly easy to use as a parent who is uploading media and as a friend or family member on the receiving end. It only takes a few minutes to add photos or a quick story about your kids, and if you're busy (what parent isn't?!), you can even set up your account to send you email reminders to add posts.

Another thing I like about it is that it isn't open like Facebook...much more private and thoughtful. Viewers need to be invited by you so you know exactly who's looking at photos of your children...not friends of friends of friends you invited and commented on a photo. They can still add comments about stories, videos and photos, it just stays among your invited circle of friends and family.

The site's mission is to "Make it easy and fun for parents to share their kids' lives with friends and family — keeping everyone up to date with the level of detail and frequency they want, so parents don't ever have to worry about saying too much or too little." I'd say mission accomplished!

If you have family or friends long distance or close by but don't get to visit as often as you'd like, give Wee Web a chance...I think you'll be hooked by its simple design and privacy. I know I am!


  1. Thanks for such a nice review, Shannon! We're really glad you like it, and appreciate the design and the privacy. We're really happy to hear it's brought your family closer across all those miles.

    If you or anyone has any questions or suggestions for us, feel free to contact me anytime at matt [at] wee-web.com.

    Matt Meeker, Founder