Friday, April 24, 2009

Amazon Video on Demand

I truly have no idea how my parents did they lived without a DVR when my brother and I were young. My husband and I consider our DVR a member of the of our favorite members. We'd be lost without it, and my heartbeat is picking up speed at just the thought of living without it as I type this. It is only because of our faithful companion (sorry feisty wire fox terrier, Skone, I'm not talking about you) that we are able to indulge in our favorite television programs once our children are asleep.

I cannot imagine a world without The Unusuals, Project Runway, My Boys, The Office, 24, Mad Men, The Amazing Race, Flight of the Conchords, The Real Housewives series, and Prison Break (R.I.P.). But I don't have to imagine it because we have a DVR set to record all of those programs for us. And if it fails, or if we accidentally change a setting and miss recording one, which happens more than I'd like, we now have Amazon Video on Demand.

Amazon Video on Demand
offers customers the ability to purchase and instantly watch over 500 titles in crystal clear HD...both movies and television shows (without commercials). Prices start at $1.99 a title...such a bargain for an important missed indulgent television show (or necessary houses don't judge...and you should see our DVR's To-Do list).

But Amazon Video on Demand isn't only for adults...there are hundreds of children's movies and programs as well! Pick a family movie this weekend, pop some popcorn, cuddle on the couch or in a big comfy bed, and start a new tradition...your children will LOVE it!

To see the full list of downloads or instant viewings available, visit

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