Friday, April 24, 2009

Hawaiian Volcano Plants

I love having houseplants around...they're healthy and they look lovely. But these Hawaiian Volcano Plants at Viva Terra are sure to start conversations as well.

Native volcanic cinders create an ideal natural habitat for these fascinating tropical plants-both the flowered flamingo pink anthurium and the blue-green schefflera. Each is firmly anchored in hand-selected porous rock.

These exotic plants have been blessed by a Kahuna (Hawaiian spiritual leader) to bring joy and prosperity to their owners. They send up sensuous shoots, flowers and leaves in brilliant profusion.

But the best part is that they're easy to care for as well! The lava holds water like a sponge. Simply place your plant in bright, indirect light and be prepared for perpetual delight...or so the description says. But I'm intrigued and thought I'd share!

Available at for $48.00.

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