Thursday, April 23, 2009

SHirin NYC

Last month, I was introduced to SHirin NYC, wearable art that caters to the style conscious parents. The company was founded by Shirin Roubeni who has a passion for creating nature and textiles...those, paired with her love for children, spawned SHirin Kids, a pint-sized version of her women's apparel for SHirin NYC.

Because the adult and children's line share many designs, I think matching shirts would be a stylish way to celebrate Mother's Day this year!

Shirin combines her innovative designs and images with her quality craftsmanship to redefine the fabric of the basic cotton tee. The end result is sophisticated, delightful and even a bit edgy. Each textile is hand silkscreened with water-based inks which creates a soft and transparent look that is complemented by the pure and vibrant colors.

The photos reflect the stunning colors remarkably well, but don't come even close to reflecting the luxuriousness of the fabric...or the softness of the striking silkscreen. These "basic" tees are anything but basic. They are a cotton that closely resembles silk. They feel like a second skin when on. They feel like an indulgence. They are my new new, and much improved, mommy uniform!

If you want to feel and see for yourself, start shopping at You'll be glad you did! So will your children!

Photo credit:  Rad Roubeni

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