Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bare Organics

My go-to product for the last couple of weeks has been the Organic All-in-One Cleanser from Bare Organics. I've used it for washing hands, paintbrushes, pacifiers, and even spills on my children's clothes...and it's been very effective.

There are reviews on Bare Organic's site from users saying it's cleared up their acne and another who love this product for their child's eczema. I haven't used it on my face or as a bath soap simply because I have trusted products for those areas, but it appears this really is a versatile cleanser which can meet all sorts of needs!

In addition to the castile Organic All-in-One Cleanser, Bare Organics also have an amazing Baby Balm that I've been using on my lips and my kids cheeks (the Spring wind is strong here). I love the subtle scent of it and the way it feels....and of course the end results!

There are a handful of other great products on their site...too many to mention. If you have areas where you're on the market for new skincare products, you should spend a few moments on bareorganics.ca.

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