Monday, April 27, 2009


I have 36 months of breastfeeding under my belt as of this month...with at least eight more months to go. And in all of that time, I can count the number of times I've worn a shirt made specifically for breastfeeding. I've owned quite a few, especially with my first child, but never really took to them...they didn't feel like clothes, they felt like breastfeeding clothes.

The quality of the fabric was not great and the style certainly wasn't mine. So I did my best to make my regular clothes work, such as button down shirts. Basically, the only real breastfeeding shirt I owned and actually wore were Glamourmom tank tops...which if you're nursing, you'll want to stock up for Summer and cooler months where layering them is easy...they're a must!

But this, my final time around, I have breastfeeding shirts that feel like real clothes...they're stylish, great quality, and fit me perfectly since they come in multiple sizes...and they're all from Boob. Don't you just love the name!?

Boob makes nursing shirts, nursing tanks, nursing hoodies (have you ever heard of that before?), and nursing dresses...and every piece is stylish, colorful, and just what you would purchase for yourself if you weren't breastfeeding. Boob maternity clothes are just as amazing as their nursing line. In fact, there are a few pieces from there I truly wish I could purchase in a non-maternity size!

I'm not going to say their clothing is affordable, but it's also not too pricy (about $65 for a shirt). But if you plan on having multiple children and nursing as long as is suggested, then the price truly is worth questions asked! These clothes will hold up to frequent wearings and washings, and you'll feel like your old stylish self...except for the baby on your arm. But what an adorable new accessory they are!

To see their new Spring/Summer collections and learn where to purchase, visit

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