Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Madsen Cycles

I have been wanting a 3 or 5 speed beach cruiser bike for taking bike rides. I can imagine myself riding along the streets of my small town without a care in the world, just enjoying myself on one of those stylish two-wheelers. But for utilitarian purposes, for real errands, I've been thinking of getting an old Schwinn tricycle (the adult version) for myself. But those plans are all put on hold since discovering Madsen Cycles! I now have to give the Schwinn another thought, after all, this bucket bike would be unbelievably handy!

It would be perfect for me to ride to the grocery store to actually grocery shop (not just pick up one forgotten item). I could run a few errands after my husband returns home in the evening, without my three-ring circus, on this bike...I could drop off some library books, pick up a pound of coffee, and perhaps an Amy's caramel apple for us all to split.

Or, after I get the hang of the bike and significantly lesson my chance of crashing, I could put helmets on the kids and give them rides! Can't think of a quicker way to shoot to the top of their Mother of the Year list...instant cool and fun points! Just imagine the envy on the other kid's faces if I dropped off my son at T-ball practice in this beauty!

The Madsen bucket bikes are available in black, cream and baby blue at madsencycles.com for $1,299.00 with the bucket and $1,099.00 with a rack on the back for strapping boxes and other items on to.