Thursday, May 21, 2009

Old School Friendship Bracelets

My family and I were checking in to our hotel on Mackinac Island when I was 10, when I saw a friendship bracelet for the first time. It was being worn by the college kid who loaded our bags on his bike to transport from the boat to the hotel. As a child we returned to the same hotel every summer, but this particular stay has always been special.

It was the summer I learned the power embroidery floss held...when I taught myself how to manipulate the threads to made new creations for all of my friends. And I now make them for my children each summer...there's nothing like an arm full of hand-tied bands to make you feel loved...and to know summer has arrived!

This morning I was visiting the nonchalantmom blog when I saw her post on this book, Misanga Friendship Ring, from the Japanese Heart Warming Life Series (an amazing collection of craft books). I immediately knew I had to have it! So I began my search, which took me to websites all over the world (thank you Google translator!).

At first I thought my only hope was to have my friend Karl order the book from a German site that I was unable to translate...and then have the book shipped to his in laws in Austria and then have them ship it to me. That would have been very pricey (but worth it) when all was said and done. But then in one last effort, I discovered the site was able to order the book for only $13.49 and $3.99 shipping! Needless to say, the book is ordered and on it's way. And my children (and perhaps myself and some close friends) will be sporting old-school friendship bracelets on this continent in traditional styles as well as faux grosgrain ribbon and plaid.

Visit to find Misanga Friendship Ring and many other amazing Asian goodies you didn't know existed! Don't you just love how small the world is becoming?!

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