Friday, May 22, 2009

Yackle Ball

The weather has been beautiful here in Wisconsin this week so we've been spending a lot of time outdoors. On Wednesday I brought out a new toy for my children to play catch with...a Yackle Ball. It's an X-shaped ball that is soft, yet firm; tough, yet tactile. And because of the arms that make up the Yackle Ball, it was easy for my children to catch and throw...further than a football and higher than a basketball!

But I must admit that the game quickly became my husband and I throwing it as hard and high as we could to each other from the far ends of our yard. It was great exercise running, jumping and throwing, and it reminded us of when we were younger and went to Brewers and Packers games before our children and played catch while tailgating.

Yackle Balls are constructed from premium water-resistant marine vinyl and are tough and light...perfect to pack for a picnic or keep in the trunk of your car to toss around on a whim. There are three versions available: a standard size (for ages 5 and up...I'd suggest that age go up a bit), a junior size (for ages 2-5), and a nighttime version that glows in the dark.

Yackle balls retail for $24.95 and are available at (where particular colors are on sale).

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