Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pewter Tooth Fairy Kit

My son is now five and may be losing his first tooth this year. I must admit that it gives me the heebie-geebies just thinking about it, so I'm immersing myself in Tooth Fairy research...which is strange considering we've never done Santa or the Easter Bunny. My children know none of these fictional characters are real so I guess I'm going more for the surprise element than a magical experience...or I'm just enjoying the distraction from the realization that part of my firstborn may be falling out this year. So expect to see a handful of Tooth Fairy products in the coming months as I find exciting products and traditions.

I found this Pewter Tooth Fairy Kit from Crosby & Taylor a couple of weeks ago and loved the keepsake qualities it has. The main component of this kit is a pewter box with an individual cubby for each baby tooth. There is also a satin pouch for the current lost tooth with a ribbon and a pewter coin attached to guide the Tooth Fairy to the tooth under the pillow...a nice touch considering said Fairy works late night hours in the dark.

For the children, there is a satin storage pouch which holds a coin for them to place on their parent's pillow at night. The coin reads, "Remember to ask what the Tooth Fairy brought!" And when all of these special tooth-related activities are complete, you can record the date for each tooth loss as well as what the Fairy left in exchange in the provided chart.

I think this kit would make losing a tooth exciting and memorable...for years to come! It's available at for $65.25.

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