Sunday, May 10, 2009

Danny Gokey

My husband has been working a lot the past few weeks getting his season off to a great start, requiring me to put in a lot of overtime as a stay-at-home mother. But things have settled down and he took off early Friday (it was Danny Gokey Day in Milwaukee!) and is also off tomorrow...our Martha is turning three! But back to Danny Gokey*...

We saw him (and Jamar) at Discovery World on Friday and got to shake his hand...he even stepped on Martha's foot! We also went to his mini-concert where over 25,000 of us Milwaukeeans gathered...we sure do know how to get behind someone and show some hometown spirit! Although the amazing weather after a long winter never hurts either!

Throughout the day, watching Danny's live news feed and seeing him first hand, it was clear he would have taken a photo with each fan, signed an autograph for everyone, and listened to each person's life stroy...he was kind and thoughtful (besides the accidental misstep). The most touching moment was when he met a little girl named Sophie who was there with the Make-A-Wish foundation...her wish was to meet Danny Gokey. He bent down to her level and told her he loved her had been his wife's name. What a touching moment!

It's been a fun weekend to be from Milwaukee and we've been living it up each moment! Our children are excited to stay up and watch American Idol this week to watch for themselves in Danny's edited hometown visit recap...I'll let you know if any of us makes it on the show. We're sure to vote for our hometown fellow...and I hope you do too!

*Danny Gokey is one of the final three performers left on American Idol. He's from Milwaukee and was home on Friday for a whirlwind day of interviews, tours and singing along with throwing out the first pitch at the Brewers/Cubs game at Miller Park! It was a great day for Milwaukee!

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