Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Chalkboard Tee

Last week, I brought the mail in and called my son August over to open a package from The Chalkboard Tee. He tore into it, layed the shirt down, picked up a piece of included chalk and began to write his name. Then he put the shirt on, tucked the chalk into the holster and declared, "This is so cool!"

Really, how much more can I add to a review about a shirt for children when you have a rave first-hand experience from a five-year-old already on the page? Just some facts, I suppose:

I expected the shirt to be a bit stiff, but it's really very soft due to the chalkboard being printed on, not sewn. A couple pieces of chalk (no special kind so it's easy to replace) come with the shirt, and there is a place on the hem of the shirt where your child can tote one piece for future shirt artwork. As long as you remember to remove that one piece of chalk, there will be no trouble washing your Chalkboard Tee with your other laundry.

Chalkboard Tees come in a variety of colors with the option of a butterfly, heart, city skyline, apple, or men's tie-shaped chalkboard. They are available to purchase at thechalkboardtee.com for $35.00.

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