Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My daughter Martha and I have been going bananas for nacho cheese Snikiddy puffs this week! We've eaten more than our share and I've found that if I don't portion into bowls, we'd have no trouble eating an entire bag in one sitting...leave it to use to take a healthy snack and indulge!

And they are healthy: no corn syrup, gluten and wheat-free, no hydrogenated oils, no trans fat, no preservatives, and low in saturated fat.

The first few ingredients, which I always look at before bringing anything into the house, are cornmeal, sunflower and/or safflower oil, and cheddar cheese...pretty natural! And their cookie bites aren't half bad taste or ingredients.

To purchase Snikiddy products, visit and use their store locater (they're available in such stores at Whole Foods, Toys R' Us and Babies R' Us), or visit their online store at

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