Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chickin Feed

My parents started me early down a healthy living path with my father leading by example. It was easy for him being a captain on the fire department in my hometown and as a competing body builder in my early years. But I also remember him often pulling the car over a few miles from home and declaring my mom would drive us the rest of the way because he was going to run home.

Although I don't go on impromptu runs while out driving with my family (what a silly thing to do, Dad!), I am setting my children down the same healthy living path. They are all, like me, vegetarians who are educated in food preparation, healthy choices, and the importance of physical activity. We grow almost all of our fruits and vegetables in the summer months, and I'm proud to say that they have never had a single bite of fast food.

With the basics of healthy living in our home, it's no surprise that they love our new Chickin Feed board and Primer! Those of you looking to track nutrition in your family's meals as well as looking to educate yourself on healthy living and starting your children down the correct path, will love them too!

Chickin Feed is dedicated to improving the knowledge children's (chickin's) health by providing families with simple, fun and effective nutrition tracking products and ideas! Products available include the magnetic tracking board shown here (which comes in a handful of stylish farm colors), The Chickin Feed Primer, A Useful Companion for Modern Families, shown above, which is full of many great ideas and recipes, along with portion dishes (Chickinware), tote bags, shopping list notepads, and bracelets reminding children to make good choices!

See all of the stylishly designed and healthy products at where you can shop their online feed store!

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