Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ruby Fay

I've been fortunate to only have experienced pregnancy during the summer months once. It was last summer, so the memories are fresh.

It's a difficult thing to have your growing belly (and the rest of your body) on display for the world to see...and I remember a few pieces of clothing that helped me feel a bit cuter. If you don't have those important pieces yet, perhaps Ruby Fay can help!

Ruby Fay's clothing is stylish, silky soft, and whimsical. The shirts in the current collections are sure to have you feeling great...and like your pre-pregnancy self! Some of the styles include the Love Hurts shirt shown here along with shirts with graphic stars, cameos, question marks, seasons of the baby's arrival and a great one with the words All You Need Is Love covering the belly.

You can see the current collection at

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