Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kinder Heroes

I just downloaded some amazing (and FREE...thank you Oliebollen) superhero Kinderhero masks and armbands for my kids to color and play with. Next on the agenda is to create some capes to complete the kinder, gentler super hero costumes that will transform August and Martha into The Worm Wrangler and Little Ms. Flower Power!

If you'd like to make a nicer kind of hero costume for your child visit where they have printable mask and armband patterns for your kids to color. You can also request some adorable (and once again, FREE) tattoos! And if you want to take the costume a bit further, there are also matching Kinder Hero tees to purchase for $26.00.

Thank you so much Oliebollen for these great Kinder Hero characters! What a fun and frugal way for children to use their imaginations!


  1. Those masks are so cute - I love flowers - nice find!