Sunday, June 14, 2009

Palmer's Moisturizing Gel Oil

I purchased a bottle of Palmer's new Moisturizing Gel Oil last week and am really loving it! I've used Palmer's products for six years now, since I first became pregnant. The first product I purchased was their cocoa butter stick on a recommendation from a friend who said it was great at preventing stretch marks. I'm not sure if it was the cocoa butter or family genes, but I now have three children and not a single stretch mark.

Since those sticks, I have used a few other products and have been happy with them all...but this new gel of theirs is my favorite product thus far (unless it really was the cocoa butter sticks that has left me stretch mark-free)!

The Moisturizing Gel Oil smells like cookies! It also leaves a nice subtle sheen, feels great, and has an SPF of 15 making moisturizing and sun protection a one-step process! Gotta love that!

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Gel Oil is available at for $8.33 and for $8.99.


  1. I hate the Palmer's Cocoa Butter smell. Too much like bitter chocolate than cocoa butter.

  2. As a dark, dark, dark chocolate girl, it never occurred to me that someone wouldn't like the scent. Here's the warning to all of you milk chocolate and cocoa butter lovers! :)