Monday, June 29, 2009

Pink! Pink! Pink!

My daughter Martha has developed a deep, passionate love for all things pink. And two of her favorite things are her I Heart Pink shirt from Pluto, and her Pinkalicious book by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann.

I've written about Pluto shirts before...about how soft and stylish I feel their big and little sibling shirts are. But recently I found the I Heart Pink shirt shown here and knew immediately my daughter would heart it! And I was right!

Both my daughter and I love that this pink-themed shirt is anything but all girly. The guitar and tricycle give it a bit more edge and make the shirt more sophisticated than your run-of-the-mill cheesy pink princess shirt! And as with the sibling shirts, this shirt is super soft, making me wish Pluto made adult sizes.

The pink cupcake on the shirt pairs wonderfully with the book Pinkalicious and together would make the sweetest birthday gift for any little girl with an appreciation for the color pink!

Pinkalicious is a story about a girl whose mother asks her one rainy day which color she would like to make their cupcakes. "Pink!" she replies, "Pink, pink pink!" She ends up eating so many pink cupcakes that she wakes up the next morning with pink skin and hair. "My face was pink, my hands were pink, and my belly was the color of a sunset."

Her pediatrician diagnoses her with Pinkititis and tells her to eat green food to get better. But she sneaks one more cupcake and finds that she's turned red! After returning to her normal color, she finds that her brother was green with envy and has eaten his own share of pink cupcakes...he appears on the last page saying, "Pink-a-boo!" Very cute!

The I Heart Pink tee from Pluto is available for purchase in their Etsy store at for $25. There is also a wonderful selection of shirts for brothers and siblings...the quality can't be beat!

Pinkalicious is available at for $11.46 where it qualifies for FREE SHIPPING on any order $25 or more...which you'll qualify for if you purchase with Purplicious and Goldilicious!

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