Tuesday, June 30, 2009


My family and I ventured to the pool this weekend when it was 87 degrees (which seems like a dream considering today's high is 66!) and when we came home, the last thing I wanted to do was hand-wash our bathing suits! But I remembered that I had recently received some Soak, a rinse-free cleanser for delicate items.

And so, I unpacked our pool bags and added our bathing suits to the sink with some Soak...swished them around in the lovely scented water, rung them out a bit, and then draped them over our tub to dry. Couldn't have been easier!

This morning, my daughter Martha and I are going to give her lovie a bath in the sink with Soak. There will be no need to rinse, making the stuffed animal safe for her to snuggle up close to tonight in bed!

Soak would also be great for lingerie, baby clothes or hand-sewn craft projects you don't want to get ruffled! And isn't the packaging lovely?

Available at soakwash.com in a variety of lovely scents, along with scentless!

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