Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lego Family Time

Lego reigns supreme in our house...all 30 pounds of them (at our last calculation). My two oldest children construct for hours upon hours each week building their creations, imaginations, and fine motor skills. My husband and I get in the fun more times than not as we both love building and creating new designs too. Even our baby loves to play with (chew on) the larger Duplo size!

Whether your family loves to geek-out with Lego or is just looking for an opportunity to unplug and spend more quality time together, Lego is here to help! Their new Family Time Activity Guide is full of a wide variety of games and family activities sure to bring laughs and foster bonds.

The best part about Lego's Family Time is that it's inexpensive...the activity guide is FREE to download from their site and to get started you only need some basic Legos such as the 280-piece Basic Bricks set ($12.99) or the 650-piece Basic Bricks Deluxe set ($29.99). And if it's true that six 2x4 Lego bricks can be configured 915,000,000 ways, just think what you'll be able to do with those sets!

Visit to download your activity guide and to start shopping for your family nights.

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