Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Olli & Pop

In the interest of full disclosure, as a skateboarding fan, I like anything with a variation of the word ollie in it. But that's not the only reason I'm excited about Olli & Pop's Spill Cloths...there are many other selling's just a few:
  1. The colors, stripes and dots! These clothes are vibrant, fun, eye-catching and cheerful...just the thing you need when you're getting spit up on, nursing in public, or playing peek-a-boo with your baby!
  2. The size! These are a bit larger than your average burp cloth as they measure 11.8" by 17.7" (30 cm by 45 cm). Olli & Pop's Spill Cloths are great for burping, changing mats, privacy shields when breastfeeding, bibs when drooling or learning to drink from a cup, etc. The size makes them extremely multifunctional!
  3. The fabric! The cloths are made from fully absorbent terry towelling on one side and an incredibly soft, light-weight cotton blend on the other. The double thickness ensures the heaviest of spills are absorbed...or that they're super soft on your baby's skin!
  4. The name! Perhaps your little one will be the next Tony Hawk! And then you can retire early! Just maybe!
Visit for more information and to shop their online store (or for purchase locations if outside of Australia). I've also found a lot of online retailers that ship to the Unites States, such as, where they sell for $29.95 a pair.

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