Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oliebollen Fun Lunches

Perhaps you all remember Oliebollen's great Kinderhero craft and products...I know my children and I had a great time with them! Well, they have a new Fun Stuff project for school lunches...how appropriate!

Available on Oliebollen's site are adorable lunch notes for every day of the week to sneak in to your little one's lunch bag! And don't forget to download the bag tags as well! Your child's lunch will be decked out in cuteness...and looking at the pieces will remind him or her of home and making them with you, which will be comforting those first few days of the new school year!

Visit oliebollen.com to see all of the adorable downloads available! And be sure to check out their back to school section if you're still searching for last-minute back-to-school gear!

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