Friday, September 18, 2009

Body Bar

Whether you are trying to get fit before having a baby, trying to lose pregnancy weight, or simply working out to maintain a healthy weight, it's easy to lose motivation when the weather cools down and darkness arrives before it's even dinner time. And as much as I want to live in a world of denial, I know those days are closer than not.

I've been using Body Bar products to slowly shift my exercise mentality to indoors...and I must admit that it's nice to be able to do it while the kids are watching a program or building pillow forts. Body Bar products don't take up a lot of room (I have mine stored under our play room couch) and they're set up for buy what you need at the time...not a huge investment or space-taker-upper.

Body Bar is a one piece solid steel, weighted fitness bar encased in high quality easy grip rubber which is secure and comfortable to hold. There are many workouts available using these weighted bars including strength and conditioning, circuit and interval classes, kick boxing and martial arts, sports conditioning, balance and alignment, pilates and yoga based workouts and flexibility training. There are some great DVDs available to get you started (I certainly needed them to get going becuase I had no idea what to do!).

Visit to learn more and to purchase the products you'll need to get you through your winter workouts!

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